Why I’ve started this blog…

I have been a Labour supporter for most of my adult life. I’ve had my doubts about the Party at times. I dallied with the SDP in the 1980s and wondered whether the Lib Dems were the more genuine centre-left option at times under New Labour. But I always came home to Labour. The invasion of Iraq in 2003 sparked deep disillusionment in me, but I hoped that things would be better under Gordon Brown. Even when that didn’t work out, I still kept faith with the Party under Ed Miliband.

But now my doubts are as great as they’ve ever been.

You see, I believe that we need a Government that genuinely governs for the whole country, that is committed to building up our communities and recognises deep inequality as a fundamental problem for any decent society.

But I am no longer sure that Labour can practically deliver on that by winning a national election.

This blog isn’t meant to be a personalised attack on anyone and I have great respect for many good people who’ve dedicated themselves to trying make Britain a better country through service to the Party.

It’s time, though, honestly to face the fundamental challenges that the Party faces if it is to become a serious party of government again. And if it can’t do that, then it’s time to think about what political life after Labour might mean.